1 thread works fine, 3 thread always have 2 of them locked

  • Is this proxy thing? i dont underrstand because instead of error/crash/end the thread will literally lock itself for hours until i end it manually

    I always start app with 3 threads, and one NEVER locks itself, always works.

    however 2 other ones will lock themselves with empty white page and not do anything

    i didnt see anything never-ending loops that could cause this

    this is confusing !

  • some proxies (i think its about some proxies) redirect me to this ugly website:
    alt text

    but i see no url of this page but from what i found in google it has text from

    what is this stuff ? the page , whatever is its url, will take ages to load despite proxy and my conenction being very quick (all my proxies have 1 sec response times and my native download speed is 300mb)

    im gonna have to blacklist some proxies seriously... though i use public proxies for years and never had a page that purposely loaded itself slow as hell (like one hour to load this css-lacking content)

    AND mind you it doesnt fail! and doesnt timeout. my timeout is from 10sec to 1min but this website never timeouts

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