Excel: Take First Line and Split columns into variables

  • Hi,

    I'm new to BAS (using another automation software so far) and so many things are completely different as usual.

    Currently I try to make an autoposter for classified ads and need to take one line (the 1st one) per run of the script (every about 30 minutes), split it to different variables for posting and if the post was successful ("Thank you for you ad" on the website), delete the first line of the excel input file.

    The ad-content in column B can be quite long sometimes and can also contain "," ";" and so on that is often used as delimiter in csv and other files.
    And in column C there is email and password of the email account in the format email;password (so also a ";" is included.

    I attached you a screenshot for better explanation. Hope this helps.

    What is the simplest approach you would recommend to achieve this with BAS?

    Thank you very much.


  • No one has an idea? As my main automation software (Zennoposter) has out of the box support for excel files, where I have to add just one step and it takes the desired line from the xlsx and populates the appropriate variables with the values.
    So with BAS this seems much more complicated to me.

  • As this is way too complicated with BAS and no one has an idea how to solve it I simply built my needed bot with Zennoposter and finished it in no time.

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