Bots on TWO computers using ONE database - how to achieve it?

  • Hey dudes! Been using BAS for long, this is insanely good software.

    I need to put half of bots on second computer because they lag my laptop too much.

    But they all have shared database with ton of data in it...

    How to achieve it? Maybe shared folders? Yeah sharing a folder wouldn't be dumb idea... But BAS DB is installed in appdata by default and i cant change its location to shared folder.

    I see theres remote database but it uses MONGODB. my web servers (i bought two for my own stuff) only make use of MYSQL, not mongodb.

    Hmm maybe I can install MONGODB on second computer? Is it possible? Computer runs windows and is on same WIFI that my laptop is. so this way i can use the remote database option

  • why don't you export the data and import it into new database with same schema on another second computer.

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