How to keep the browser always open?

  • Hello guys, I have a difficulty I am a recent user of the program and I have a project where I need to copy information from a site and save but I can not close and open the browser page because every time this happens I have to validate my entry. how can i make it run without closing the browser page and opening each query ?????

  • @erique can anyone tell me how to do this in detail where should i go and what to put in the script?

  • you have to right click, add tab and add a new tab, not load a new page on the one you're using. :)

  • @antinxd can you show me how to do it? I need the project to make several queries without closing and opening the browser because each time it opens and closes it goes through a captcha that the program can not solve, so I have to put manually. that's why the browser can't be opening and closing .. can you send me a picture of how it should be done?

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