Run a project without browser opening and closing with each query

  • Hello everyone, I have a difficulty I am a recent user of the program and I have a project where I need to copy information from a site and save but I can not close and open the browser page because every time this happens I have to validate my entry. How can I run it without closing the browser page and opening each query ?????

  • If I understood correctly,you must use "tabs" and "Add new tab" 0_1565331369748_tabs2.png

  • @assd
    thanks for the reply friend .. I'm sending script for you to see, every moment I execute the query BAS opens the browser and enters the site, puts the user and password and asks me to validate the captcha after he performs the query in system, and when it finishes it closes the browser and opens again .. this means that I always have to resolve the captcha of the logon screen ..
    I need him to be querying without opening and closing the browser with each query .. I need to consult several different contracts in this system I need it not close at all times.!0_1565722238750_BAS.png

  • I think you could use another thread with the browser to accomplish this. And saving the necessary data to a resource / global variable, then using this data in the new thread, whether with the browser or whatever needs to be done.

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