Parsing all lines from text file

  • Hello,

    I am currently having some issues while parsing a list of 1000 lines (text file).

    • Create list - > NPC list

    • Reading file to list;
      Result: 26-k�pfiger Salamander,Aasgeier,Aasgeier,Abgesandter der Eiswelt (Oberfl�che),Abgesandter der Eiswelt (Vorhof der Eiswelt)

    • Parse String
      Result: TypeError: Result of expression '(VAR_NPCLIST).split' [undefined] is not a function.

    Any ideas or workarounds?

  • @huntenkill said in Parsing all lines from text file:


    VAR_NPCLIST is already list I guess. There is no split() function in javascript for array types. Split() works for string types.

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