BaS expert wanted to intergrate in house SMS modem

  • Dear BaS users,

    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me integrate my own SMS modem.
    The modem has API available which displays all active ports with their corresponding (phone)numbers. The file format is JSON
    Furthermore, I have custom-built API requests which display the message received on the phone number.

    What I am looking for:

    1. Someone who can help me integrate the JSON response from the API in BAS
    2. Store the corresponding phone numbers into a list or array
    3. Randomly picks a number from the list or array
    4. Stores the number as a variable
    5. Requests the message body from the API
    6. Filters the SMS code out of the body (regex /d)
    7. Stores the code as a variable.

    Budget is discussable, preferably I am looking for someone with experience with account creators.

    I only deal with Escrow for the first deal, if I am satisfied with the quality we can move over to Crypto for further projects (i have lots planned)

    Please PM me.

  • I Can Do it.

  • PM'ed you. waiting for your repsonse

  • Solved!

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