I create bots

  • If you're looking for something special that you cannot create yourself then you can send me a message and if i think i can create it then i'll return you a message and we can discuss the price.

    here are some bots that i previously worked on:
    alt text

  • @rekaa0251 Contact me :)

  • Hey Bro, I need to make a script, if you are interested, please let me know

  • hi! I'm looking for someone who can make bot for creating profiles on forums. All forums have standard frameworks, but the fields for submitting are often different. Recaptacha is pften present. Let me know if anybody can help with this.

  • Bump, let me know if anyone needs something made! I'm not looking for huge projects that would span out over week/weeks of time but rather small. Nothing that I would make would be shared by anyone else and you get the xml file so you can change whatever u want after. If I'm not interested in whatever you send, I might not respond.

    No automation projects will cost less than $10

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