I'd like a bot for bet365 automatic betting

  • Hello.
    On the bet365 sports betting site, I would like to have a bot that bets on soccer matches based on a given criteria.
    -I can set the time and the position of the match to watch for: For example 60:00 minutes - Match position: 3: 0 - Make 500 money bets on the lower odds eg. 1005

    • Look through the page and if you find a match like this, bet on it (once per match)
      Pay attention to several criteria: 55:15 min 0-3, 80min 0-2
      If you can do that, please write for how much.

  • Hello,
    We've created an automatic betting bot that runs on Bet365 and other betting sites and the bot can login and get some odds from specific championships and compare it with other odds from different websites and put it on some equations and do the bet itself.

    you can contact me on m.q.masoud@gmail.com for further details


  • Is this really profitable? You would only get about an odds of 1.02-1.05?

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