Freelancer Bot Creator Required

  • Hi,
    I am looking for an expert to build a custom bot, Some of these functions are working on other bots. I sort of need them all brought together in 1 place.

    1. Traffic bot, this has to use vip72 or with a proxie autochange for each thread. It is a simple visit bot with no clicks required. just send it visit pages with no leaks from ip or browser. Of course a time on site option,The fingerprint module looks good and if that could be incorporated into the bot. So basically a visit bot that uses vip72 or 911 re with no detection. When I try on other bots the ipis already internal from profixier software. format ** seems chrome cant handle these and connection refused. So if you know what I am looking for and think you are capable of success please get in touch with a quote.


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