BrowserAutomationStudio 22.4.0 has been released

  • This version contains three major changes.

    Optimization of script editor.

    Some users work with large projects that contain tens of thousands of actions. Previously, the responsiveness of the interface in such large projects was not perfect. After update, the execution time of any tasks, whether it is deleting, copying actions, creating new ones or any others, has significantly decreased.

    To achieve this, the script editor interface has been partially rewritten, more than 20 big changes have been made, here are some of them:

    1. BAS redraws only those actions that actually have been changed.
    2. Added several cache levels for generating function code. Now, both the code for entire sections of the script and for individual actions can be reused.
    3. The system for sending messages about project changes has been optimized.

    Here is the time required to delete one action in a project of about 10 mb in size before update:

    And after update:

    Still if the number of actions in one function is more than a thousand, minor freezes are possible. In that case it is recommended to transfer some code portions to other functions. This may happen because it is difficult for browser to redraw so many elements. This problem can be solved by showing only visible actions, and dynamically loading / deleting all others. It is planned to implement this in future.

    Optimization of the resource system.

    In previous version there was a big delay while opening a project with huge amount of resources, and now it is fixed. In fact, the open time now does not depend on resources amount and it occurs almost instantly.

    To achieve this, some components of the resource system had to be rewritten. Now, instead of real interface elements, virtual ones are created, and real ones are created only when it is needed.

    Project launch time was also significantly reduced, but unfortunately it is still not instant. This is due to the fact that when project gets started, certain amount of controls still need to be drawn.

    Compatibility with Google services.

    Recently, Gmail authorization was forbidden for BAS users. This site issued a message about the necessity of changing browser. Despite, this could be circumvented by changing the user agent to a different one from chrome, we offer universal solution. You can login with any user agent now. Changes also affects account creation. For example, account on the next video was registered with BAS:

    In order to achieve this, anti-bot protection from Google needed to be reverse engineered. As part of this task was:

    1. Collected a list of methods for verifying the authenticity of the browser used by Google on the client side.
    2. Utilities have been created to update this list. This will allow to adopt quickly for new changes in future.

    It may affect not only Google services, but can also have a positive effect on other sites.

    The version of FingerprintManager has also been updated.

  • Great work as always devs; Thanks for this wonderful piece of software.

  • Long Live BAS :)

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