Anyone here can Help & Explain in detail how to input csv data in forms

  • I am totally fed up and could not find a proper way of inputting data from a CSV file into a web form.

    I have csv like this
    alt text

    I want to input data of Col A into Field one
    input data of Col b into 2nd field
    and col C data into 3rd field
    it will input col,a,b,c data in three field of a form.
    and will move to row no. 2 and do the same.

    Also is there any way, I can specify from which col and row data is to be pick. Like If I want to start picking data from 3rd row of each column
    or from col B only..I means we can specify the from where to pick the data.

    please assume I am very new and just learning your help is much appreciated.

    Edit, if I use parse line ,
    it split one cell like E as username variable
    and rest as password variable, I think coz it assume : as separator..

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