Mass Account Creator Script Required

  • Hello guys,

    I own BAS Premium and also FIngerPrint Switcher and I am looking for a developer to help me create

    1. a mass account creator script
    2. then a second script that will log in to the expired account (Asked by the register website to change password) update the password and then extract the freshly changed account

    Only serious developers and please no time wasters, the payment will be sent in installments step by step to avoid scammers if any.

    I can send as family-friendly via PayPal for your own security too before the first step delivery.

    I would also like to have a skype call with a share screen or team viewer (whatever suits you best) to see your work when you have something ready!

    Thanks a lot!
    Chris Holmes

  • i am a highly developer with bas but our country restricted paypal i can make the script in front of you then you send the money payment only btc or perfect money or payeer skype:live:heshamyasin2019_1

  • @heshamyassin1 Sure buddy, payment is not an issue, I use several payment methods, I just need someone serious to help me with my inquiry! I am running a business and it is essential for me to get a guaranteed and working script!

    I will add you on Skype and speak with you directly there!

    Thank you for the prompt reply to my post!


  • @ChrisHolmes said in Mass Account Creator Script Required:

    e a skype call with a share screen or team viewer (whatever suits you best) to see your work when you have

    Hello Chris, i can devolop your application as you wish, and you can even watch me doing from anydesk which is similar to teamviewer.

    Sadly i can only accept BTC since paypal is not avaible in my country.

    Payment can be half at start and the rest is when its complate.

    As i said you cant watch me devolop your app, and even give you tips so you will understand how its done.

    Here you can find everything about me ->

    Looking forward to work with you, have a nice day.

  • @nicovevo Thank you for the post Nico! I do not use BTC as I am not very familiar with it. However, I might be able to set it up if that is convenient!
    I will add you on my Skype and start a discussion!

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